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Many of us are obsessed with hand made dresses and styles we created. From the style we screenshot on Instagram to the reigning style on Bella Naija blog, we are just so obsessed with looking good especially as the COVID 19 lockdown gradually eases to a halt and social gatherings may ensue.

Today, we will give you list of fashion designers, what they are known for and what may entice you to patronise them. You can also  follow them on social media to see for yourself what they are doing and how it benefits your fashion sense. You can be guaranteed value for your time after you read this piece.

Number one fashion designer who grace our world with styles is:

  1. Ade Bakare Couture:

Trained in Salford, Manchester and operating in Nigeria and UK, Ade Bakare, born in England established Ade Bakare Couture in 1991. Ade Bakare’s designs have been described as classic with a touch of modernity using fabrics such as wool, silk, lace and crèpes but he is currently celebrated for his gazar and organza sweep coats which are both ultra-feminine and luxurious.

After making a name in London and Britain, Bakare has become the one fashion designer whose styles you want to look up. For someone like him who believes fashion designers need a formal education to operate effectively, you are sure to get great design for that upcoming occasion.

To follow him on Instagram simply type: @adebakare.


  1. Mai Atafo:

Mai Atafo is a Nigerian seasoned tailor, fashion designer and fashion entrepreneur. Known for his fashion industry and brand, this bespoke tailor earned his master degree from the City University UK in Information System and Technology and delved in to fashion in 2007 naming his brand Mai Atafo Inspired.

The imaginative chief of the classy fashion has a topnotch way of life utilizing his involvement in promoting, branding and his affection for fashion to make a perfect business. Focusing in bridals, tuxedos, suits and traditional wears, his superb styles are something you can’t miss. You can connect with him on Instagram by this handle: @atafo.official.


  1. Deola Sagoe:

The House of Deola is an haute couture created by a fashion designer from Ondo state, Nigeria. House of Deola is made up of two brands; “Deola” the mother brand which specialises in haute couture, bespoke garments and bridal wear and “Clan” which designs and retails premium ready-to-wear clothing.

She began the Couture in 1989 and has won many awards especially for her Komole collection in 2018 which is a selection of bridal and occasion wear. She studied at the University of Miami and University of Lagos with a Masters in Finance and Management.

You can follow her styles and take note of the ones you might want to make on: @deolasagoeofficial  on Instagram.


4.Soares Anthony:

Soares Anthony Clothing, a product of the Lagos based creative tailor who decided to venture into the fashion world despite studying Building Construction, is known for the Italian light wool his collections are made of, giving it that fine classy look and specially designed “for men who want to stand out”.

Having the above mentioned fashion designers as role models, Soares Anthony has made his collection: King Soares Collection, something to always look forward to. Guys, you really don’t want to miss out these glorious styles and men’s wear.

His Instagram handle is @soaresanthony. Enjoy the view!

Other fashion designers you may want to look up are:

  1. Yomi Casual.
  2. Lisa Folawiyo.
  3. Lola Faturoti.
  4. Frank Oshodi.
  5. Zizi Cardow.


Extra tip:

If you are dress maker. Here is a tip.

A good clothing material counts in making a good dress. The fabric, it’s combination and texture really matters especially to how your final work will look. Companies who make sure you don’t make a mistake in picking out a good fabric are out there. You might want to partner with them or patronise  them, but be sure they have a good record for quality textiles.

Some Nigeria Apparel Manufacturing Companies are:

  1. Classic Apparel.
  2. Dignity Apparel Nigeria Enterprises.
  3. Dokadots Clothing Limited.
  4. Heritage Apparels.
  5. International Uniforms Nigeria Limited.
  6. Lekki Garment Factory.
  7. Lusanno Apparels.
  8. Omoluabi Modern Garment Factory.


After going through all this, however it is nice to patronise the little beginning of businesses. That is, if you are not so concerned about who makes your dresses, as long as it is made perfectly to your taste, you may want to patronise the regular dressmaker down your street who has quite an experience and brand for quality. You can be sure to have value for your money as well.

Viola! Rock your new styles!


Compiled by: Chisom Juliet Obi

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As a fashion designer, you may have to put up a fashion show once in a while to show the world what you make. These shows don’t necessarily have to be an income-flattening one, but it sure should be born out of creativity and that is all you will need to put yourself out there professionally.

Be it a formal runway fashion show, production fashion show or a designer fashion show, you will have to follow these steps to achieve a successful fashion show.

Five Steps to Organizing a Fashion Show.

The first step is always stepping out but before you do this, like the Good Book advise, you have to sit and count your cost.

  1. Know your budget:

When you get this great idea, the first thing you should look at is your means and create a budget. You should look into how much you have to spend and how much you are willing to invest in this. Will you need a 500 dollar event or a 5000 dollar event?

This tell on the venue to pick and the perfect location that suits your budget. Whether a ready hall will be rented or if one will be created and chairs rented, it determines if you will pay for professional models or go with volunteers, if you will go for a loan or merge with another fashion house, all this can be determined by a budget.

So you see, creating a budget can help a lot.

You can go on to recognize why you are doing this in the first place and the returns it will yield in the long run. After doing this, you will get to the second step which is…


  1. Selecting a Theme:

The theme of your show says it all and determines how your models will be dressed up. It even tells what the decorations would potray. If it is a charity fashion show, you may want to consider a colour like pink for instance for breast cancer fundraising.

Following the first step dilligently, and finding a perfect location, a theme that suit perfectly should follow. In choosing a team, you may need to consider these points:

  • In winter, create a crisp, winter white theme with a white runway and cool, icy blue lighting.
  • In spring which signals a new beginning, opt for a nature-inspired fashion show. The color green may be of great help here.
  • In summer, embrace colour and a touch of fun.
  • While in fall, create a rustic fashion show theme for fall looks.

With these, you easily choose a category to key into.

Examples of 21st Century Fashion Show Theme are:

  1. Space Theme: Chanel Fall/Winter 2017.
  2. Escalator Runway: Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013.
  • Beach Theme: Tommy Hilfiger Spring/Summer 2016.
  1. Construction Zone Theme: Moschino Spring/Summer 2016.

Voila! You got yourself a wonderful theme muse!


  1. Assemble a team:

No one is an island, you will need people who can work for you to make this happen. Whether it’s a couple of friends or a few paid employees, you may want to categorize them into:

  1. Lighting, decorations and music: Whoever will manage this aspect of your show has to be someone with experience in these. The emcee(s) will be picked by this team too. Whether you are going for a paid professional or an upcoming emcee who is good at his job still depends on your budget.
  2. Models and make up artistes: You will need a good manager here who will be in charge of the rehearsals and ensure all models can use the stage comfortably. Their make-ups should also be professional and goes in line with the theme and the dresses.
  3. Outfits: The clothings which is the priority here will have to be ready and arranged in a proper way fit for easy access during the show. You might have to head this team.
  4. Publicity and entertainment: A successful fashion show can be determined by the guests who attend and their ability to either patronise you or bring you deals, so the publicity of your show especially if it will be streamed live is something you don’t want to joke with. This team should be able to create a profitable guest list with needed profiles in the fashion world. The entertainment for the guest will also be carried out by the team.

With the team, you can choose a date and time for your show.

Lastly, as the fashion designer, dress for the part on that day. Ensure your team has the vision you see in creating the fashion show, choose models that will promote your brand and ensure all is well coordinated. This sends a professional impression to your guests who may in turn be convinced to patronise your clothing line frequently.

And there you go, enjoy your fashion show!


Compiled by: Chisom Juliet Obi

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It is imperative in the fashion world to not just dress up but to dress stylishly, in a way that speaks volumes of your educated fashion sense. Hairstyles, for one is not a one- cap- fits- all, you have to find that hairstyle that is peculiar to you and suits you perfectly. You do not want people looking at you in an non- affirmative manner, do you? So here, we outlined the different face shapes and hairstyles when worn fit perfectly, giving you that outstanding look. But before we do that, a free tip on how to determine the shape of your face to avoid wrong choices.

To determine which shape your face is, look at how your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline measure up. If your measurements get gradually narrower from forehead to jawline, your face is heart-shaped or oval. If they’re similar all the way down, your face may be oblong, square, or rectangular. You can also take these steps:

  • Step 1: Take a picture of yourself straight on, with your hair pulled away from your face.
  • Step 2: Print out the picture.
  • Step 3: Place dots at the top, bottom, and sides of your face. Trace between the dots to get a clear sense of your face shape.

Now we go on to face shapes and hairstyles that suit perfectly.

Firstly, the OVAL FACE:

How do I know if I have an oval face, you may ask. Here is an explanation. An oval/long face is longer than it is wide. You may also have a round chin and jawline.

Cherman, the famous hairstylist said; if the lower half of your faces seems to be longer than the top, you have a long face. Also the forehead will typically be the widest part of the face, while all the other features remain rounded and soft.

So here is a list of hairstyle you are advised to wear often.

  • Long layers
  • Shoulder-lenngth waves
  • Full fringe
  • Layered bob
  • Side-swept pixie
  • Cropped pixie
  • Polished curls
  • Sleek lob

Examples of celebrities that have oval/long faces (in case you are not sure) are Courtney Cox, Elle Macpherson, Julia Roberts and Rihanna.



A round face is like a square-shaped face with softer angles—the sides of your face curve slightly outward instead of being straight. Your chin is rounded, and your cheekbones are the widest part of your face.

Round faces are often recommended to go with longer medium cuts, but you can opt for shorter hair too. The short tousled bob with a center part and curtain bangs is a great style choice for thin hair. The face-framing, wispy pieces keep the haircut feminine and youthful.

Other hairstyles recommended are:

  • Shaggy bob
  • Side bun with bangs
  • Short bob with side swept bangs
  • Voluminous waves
  • Sleek straight long hair
  • Long hair with layers

Females celebrities with round faces includes: Kate Bosworth, Mila Kunis and Selena Gomez.



With a square face shape, your forehead, cheekbones and jaw will be the same width, but your jaw will have sharp angles to it. Duenas, another hairstylist said; square face shapes are similar in appearance to a round face, but have a more pronounced, wide jawline. A square face has very minimal curves to it.

So if you have a square face, you can adopt these styles:

  • High half-ponytail.
  • Curled under lob
  • Wavy half ponytail
  • Deep-parted braids
  • Short shaggy layers
  • Short wavy hair
  • Flowing layers
  • Unexpected color and blunt bangs
  • Knotted partial updo
  • Medium wavy haircut

Angelina Jolie and Victoria Beckham have this type of face shape.



This is when you have a wider forehead and narrower chin. If your chin is pointed and your forehead is the widest part of your face, you have a heart-shaped face. Some people may have a widow’s peak at their hairline, but you can still have a heart-shaped face without one—picture an upside-down triangle instead. And though every face shape is equally beautiful, the heart face shape has been termed ” mathematically beautiful”.

The hairstyles that suit this face shape is:

  • Long side-swept bangs
  • Long hair with bangs. Try wispy bangs for a more relaxed look.
  • Bouncy pixie cut
  • Long choppy bob
  • Straight lob
  • Short hair curls
  • Bob with side part
  • Brushed back layered hair

Celebrities who fall into this category includes: Naomi Campbell, Nicole Richie and Reese Witherspoon.


Lastly, we have the DIAMOND FACE:

Diamond face shapes have a narrow forehead and a small chin. Your cheekbones will be the widest part of your face and sit nice and high. Your forehead won’t be as wide as a heart-shaped face. The chin is pointy, but the difference between a diamond and a heart or inverted triangle is that the hairline is not as wide. This is actually the rarest face shape.

Recommended Hairstyles:

  • Short crop: this will open up your face and highlight your cheekbones, same goes for a pixie cut!
  • Long length is great when it comes to diamond shaped faces because it is so versatile.
  • Side swept bangs
  • Face framing layers
  • Pulled back

Celebrities who have such faces are Megan Fox, Audrey Tautou, Elizabeth Hurley and Kourtney Kardashian.


Now you see, you can be more beautiful as you go with hairdos that suit your face shape perfectly. Enjoy your new look!

Compiled by Chisom Juliet Obi

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Larry Casual is Celebrating the Modern African Man with this New Collection




Larry Casual is Celebrating the Modern African Man with this New Collection

Ugandan luxury label Larry Casual is celebrating the modern African men with their latest campaign.

According to Mukooza Martin Larry, the Creative Director of the brand;

The modern African man is a lover of all things bright, bold and colourful. Those are some of the elements we used to piece this collection together. With a careful balance of both bright and muted looks, they catered to all men, the conservative one inclusive. You’ll see a pink suit, and wonder, will an African man wear it?


I’ll say the African man has evolved, he isn’t afraid of wearing a nice suit because it’s pink in colour. But, then again, if it is too bright, you still have a myriad of other options to choose from.


The campaign features an offering of suits; the traditional ones being a perfect choice for grooms, while kaftan suits cater to the wedding guests.

Ugandan luxury label Larry Casual is celebrating the modern African men

Our wedding culture is changing – guests draw just as much attention as the couple whose day they’ve converged to celebrate. We’re offering this modern male guest a befitting outfit to match his taste and class. The Larry Casual man is unapologetically African. This, is his way of standing out.

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