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Home of the ancient Pharaohs, and approximately 7000 years of history and civilization, Egypt is a dazzling destination filled with temples and tombs that wow all who visit. It’s not all historic treasures though, as its vast tracts of desert, superb scuba diving areas, and the famed Nile River offer something for everyone. Egypt also currently possesses unique cultures, traditions, food, people, and exciting activities that attract people from different parts of the world.

Are you planning to visit Egypt? Here are the top 6 things to see and do while there.


1. Marvel at the Ancient Pyramids of Giza

Built as tombs for the mighty Pharaohs and guarded by the enigmatic Sphinx, the last surviving of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Pyramids of Giza are one of the world’s most recognizable landmarks. Situated at the outskirts of Cairo, Giza’s pyramid complex has wowed travelers through the ages and had archaeologists scratching their heads, for centuries, over how they were built. The largest of the three pyramid complexes is the Great Pyramid of Khufu, the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still standing today – an impressive feat, considering that the pyramids were built some 4,500 years ago. Today, these memorials to dead kings are still as wondrous a sight as they ever were – an undeniable highlight of any Egypt trip.


2. Learn About Cairo’s Multicultural History and Shop for Souvenirs at Khan El-Khalili Bazaar.

The narrow lanes of Cairo, the country’s capital city, are crammed with mosques, Islamic schools of learning, and monuments dating from the Fatimid through to the Mameluke eras. It is also the home of Khan El-Khalili Bazaar, where coppersmiths and artisans still have their tiny workshops and stalls laden with ceramics, textiles, spice, and perfume. This spectacular market has not changed since its foundation in the 14th century.

In Cairo’s most authentic souk (market), narrow cobbled streets open into alcoves packed with fragrant spices and handcrafted silver jewelry. Tourists come to stock up on souvenirs and afterward unwind with a cup of mint tea or Arabic coffee at a famous marketplace café, Fishawi’s. The bazaar stays open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and welcomes people from different walks of life. Surrounding the market is a muddle of roads, home to some of the most beautiful preserved architecture of the old Islamic empires. There is a wealth of history here to explore in this bazaar. Visit Al-Azhar Mosque and the dazzling Sultan Hassan Mosque and make sure you climb to the roof of the ancient medieval gate of Bab Zuweila for the best minaret-speckled panoramas across the district.



3. Cruise the Nile

“Masr Hebat Al Nile,” meaning “Egypt is gifted by the Nile,” is a famous phrase people usually say when the Nile is mentioned, as the country’s ancient civilization, agriculture, and life were built and prospered because of the Nile. Whether visiting Cairo or Aswan or any part of the country, for an hour or a whole day, don’t leave Egypt without cruising the Nile. It is one of the most exciting ways to see the ancient sights between Luxor and Aswan. There are countless different options, from historic steamships like the S.S. Sudan to luxury cruisers like the Oberoi Zahra. The latter (Oberoi Zahra) has its own on-board spa and swimming pool.


4. Hike Mount Sinai

Located near Dahab on the Sinai Peninsula, at the height of 2,285 meters (7,497 ft.), climbers can enjoy a breathtaking 360-degree view of Mount Sinai or enjoy the sunrise and/or sunset from its summit. Besides the view from the top, hiking Mount Sinai is a pure pleasure and a great adventure for all who climb the mountain. Mount Sinai is also a pilgrimage place for Christians who believe that this is where Moses saw the Burning Bush and later received the Ten Commandments. At the foot of the mountain lies St. Catherine’s Monastery with its museum full of religious icons and relics. There are two routes to the summit – the challenging Steps of Repentance, or the more forgiving Camel Trail.


5. Stand in Awe before the Abu Simbel Temples

Situated in a country with a lot of temples, The Abu Simbel is regarded as special being Ramses II’s great temple. Adorned with colossal statuary standing guard outside, and with an interior sumptuously decorated with wall paintings, this temple is a must-visit if you love well-decorated temples. Justly famous for its megalithic proportions, Abu Simbel is also known for the incredible feat, which saw the entire temple moved in a massive UNESCO operation that took four years, from its original setting (set to disappear under the water because of the Aswan dam) during the 1960s. The two temples were built during the 13th century BC as monuments to Ramesses II and his queen, Nefertari, and are beauties to behold.


6. Egyptian Museum

A treasure of the ‘Pharaonic’ world, Cairo’s Egyptian Museum is one of the world’s most significant museum collections. The faded pink mansion is home to a dazzling amount of exhibits and is a maze-like place with little labeling and not much chronological order, but that’s part of its old-school charm. Upstairs is the golden glory of King Tutankhamen and the fascinating royal mummies exhibits, but every corner you turn here is home to some wonderful piece of ancient art or statuary.


Egypt has so much for travelers to see and do, it’s the perfect country for a mix of activities combining culture, adventure, and relaxation. Be sure to add the country to your list of places to visit in Africa.

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My first trip to Ghana was an amazing experience that i still fancy a lot till today,

the events i experienced starting from the Airport to my final destination was an

exceptional journey. when I got to the airport it took the plane less than 15mins to take off.

On the plane, I sat close to a tall, handsome guy, with a smile I said hi, and he replied with a killing smile. Immediately I fell in love with him (Love at first sight).

He told me how beautiful Ghana was .

I imagined how beautiful Ghana would be with likes

of this young man by my side and the lovely historical stories i heard from him,

I decided to explore the country and make more research about Ghana.


Ghana means warrior king which was gotten from the ancient empire and

existed in the 11th Century with numerous kingdoms.

It is a west African country, located along the Gulf of Guinea in the south,

boarded in the North by Burkina Faso, in the west by Ivory Coast and in the east by Togo.

The landmass of Ghana is about 238,535km2,

with a total population of  29.99 million people.

98% percent of Ghana’s population, are native west Africans.

Making English their official language and

one of the best English Speaking Countries in Africa.

There are over 100 different ethnic groups in the country, each with it’s distinct languages.

their diversity in culture, arts, music, and dance is one of a kind.

I saw their best national costume (The kent).

Kente, known as nwentoma in Akan,

is an indigenous Ghanaian textile, made of interwoven cloth strips

of silk and cotton. Kente is made in

Akan lands, in Ghana, from the historic Ashanti Kingdom.

Kente is a popular Ghana ceremonial traditional attire, used as their national costume and It comes in different colors.


In Africa, Ghana remains one of the countries with stable

democracy since 1992, second best producer

of Gold (after South Africa).The country is also blessed with

other solid minerals, diamond ore, Aluminum ore (Bauxite),

and oil. Clearing most of their debt in 2005

they able to focus o the important thing they

need to make their country a save place one can have peace of mind

With all this information about the country, I decided to visit their tourist centers.

  • Accra
  • Kakum National Park
  • Kumasi
  • George’s Castle
  • Lake Volta


  1. Accra

By the time I arrived at the hotel which was in Accra, the first thing I said was wow because the city was a beautiful one you would love to explore too.

Accra being the capital city of Ghana has over two million resident and one of the happening city in the country. Two important places are in this city(i.e the Makola Market and the National Museum.)


  1. The Makola Market

Is a popular market dominated by women traders. This market is situated in the center of the city

It’s business district which is similar with Balogun market in Lagos, Nigeria and a bit similar to markets in Kampala where you really can get whatever you want.Fresh, imported and native products are sold in this market. The market is surrounded by street in the city. Common street names are 1 Tema community to 12 Tema street.

  1. The National Museum

One of their largest and oldest museum in the country.  It was opened in the year 1957 as part of Ghana’s independent’s celebration, this official opening was performed by the Duchess of Kent, princess Marina.

It is owned and operated by Ghana museum and monuments boards (GMMB). And has been in operation in 1957 it has three (3) primary collection areas such as

  • Archaeology,
  • Ethnography, and


  1. Archeological Section

This section has objects from the Stone Age era.

The Stone Age was the period which stone was widely used to

make tools with an edge, a point, or a percussion surface.

The period lasted for roughly 3.4 million years,

and ended between 8700 BCE and 2000 BCE , with the advent of metalworking.


  1. Ethnograpy

This section includes indigenous Ghanian musical instruments, gold-weights, beads, traditional textiles, stools,  and pottery.


This section section houses the works of famous Ghanaian contemporary artists like El Anatsui and Ablade Glover. You can also spend time in the museum’s splendid sculpture garden.


2.. Kakum National Park.

Kakum National Park is located in the coastal environs of the Central Region of Ghana, covers an area of 375 square was established in 1931 as a reserve, and it became a national park in 1992 after an initial survey of avifauna which was conducted in the Coastal Plain region, the best-preserved region of virgin rainforest in the country. It provides the easiest access to the rainforest along with its famous canopy.



I made sure I visited Kumasi too before I left Ghana .Ghanaians spell it as Coomassie, is an ancient kingdom , Kumasi became a major commercial centre after defeating the Asante empire in 1874, the British opened new trade routes in the region, thereby greatly reducing Kumasi’s influence as a clearinghouse. The city did not revive until the early 1900s, when the British took control; cacao cultivation was introduced, and the railroad from Sekondi was built. A rapid population increase led to the city’s expansion and to the drainage of swamps, the installation of a sewage system, and modern city planning.


Kumasi remains the seat of the Asantehene (Asante king) and the site of the Golden Stool, symbol of royal authority and unity of the people. Billed as the “Garden City of West Africa,” Kumasi is zoned into commercial, industrial, and residential areas.

St. George’s Castle

This is a UNESCO world heritage site and

managed by Ghana museum and monuments boards (GMMB)

Renowned as the first major European construction in tropical Africa,

St. George’s Castle, in the town of Elmina in the Central Region of Ghana,

was founded by the Portuguese in 1482. The site of the Castle was

selected by Portuguese navigators, as it was advantageously

located at the end of a narrow promontory , a stone’s throw away from both the Atlantic Ocean and the Benya River. The lee of the low headland provided an excellent natural harbour.

t was expanded when slaves replaced gold as the major object of commerce, with storerooms converted into dungeons. Also known as Castelo da Mina or simply Mina (or Feitoria da Mina) in present-day Elmina,  Ghana.


Lake Volta


Seeing this lake , I remember  the failed arm of the rive Niger which was caused by the failed arm of the rift which is known as the RRF.

Is the longest  man made lakes in the world . The lake’s creation involved the inundation of 15,000 homes and of 740 villages and the resettlement of 78,000 people..

At this point all that was in my head was geology, nature and the calming lake made me remember  the  Prince Charming  on the plane  who sat close to me.

What an experience i had in Ghana.


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It is easy to assume that many people know of the country called Malaysia. The Asian country stands out in many regards and ranks very high in terms of diversity. It is a country defined by a blend of ethnicities, religions, customs, and by extension cuisines. The country is geographically diverse, too, being made up of large islands, tropical rainforests, and the fertile highlands. Furthermore, Malaysia is made up of two major landmasses – East Malaysia, situated across the South China Sea within the Borneo Island and West Malaysia, located along the entire southern part of a peninsula shared with Thailand.

Putting into perspective the natural attraction sites, cultures, history, and many factors, we make a list of the TOP 7 PLACES/SITES TO VISIT IN MALAYSIA.



This is one of the oldest destinations of attraction in Malaysia. It comes with a gentle atmosphere, an escape from the heat the lowlands are known for. It is located within the Titwangsa Mountains and is a beautiful tableland with a touch of English garden lure. The area is the major flower and tea producer in Malaysia.

Top attraction sites and fun activities in the Cameron Highlands:

  • Tea plantations, forests, lakes.
  • Time Gallery; a museum that throws more light into the development, history, and people from the region.
  • Brinchang and Tana Rata; the most popular and historic towns.
  • Honey bee farms, vegetable farms, and fruit orchards.
  • Mount Brinchang; one of the most outstanding mountains of the Camerons, offering impressive views.
  • Mossy Forest

While in the Camerons, you can take a car drive to the mount, partake in the wildlife recreation, or take a boardwalk across the standing plants and trees.



This Island of Penang is a well-known destination for tourists and visitors. It is located within the Strait of Malacca off the northwestern coast of the western part of Malaysia. It is known for its list of colorful cultures, which is attributed to the location around the busiest shipping routes around. It is popularly known as the food capital of the country.

Top attraction sites and interesting activities to do in Penang

  • George Town; a historically diverse location and the capital of the island
  • Botanic gardens.
  • Bird Sanctuary
  • White Beaches
  • Butterfly Park
  • Jerejak Island (which was a prison and leper colony)
  • Temple of Supreme Bliss



Across the entire Borneo Island, Kuching is the largest city. It is a well-known destination because it is a nice base for combing the state of Sarawak and Borneo’s rainforest. There are a lot of remarkable sites that would be of interest to visitors and tourists.

Some of these top attractions sites in Kuching are:

  • Astana Palace and Fort Margherita; historic landmarks,
  • DUN complex; a classic structure
  • Sarawak River
  • Main Bazzar; the oldest street in Kuching.
  • Planetrium
  • Picturesque



The Taman Negra stretches across three states along the northern part of West Malaysia. It is known as one of the oldest tropical rainforests that can be seen anywhere in the world. Also, it is a known popular destination for adventure and ecotourism. Taman Negra is a national park that bubbles with wildlife. Some of this wildlife range from Malayan Tiger (rare species), Asian elephants, Sumatran Rhinoceros, and exotic birds.

Some of the top activities to do in Taman Negra, Malaysia includes; canopy walk, hiking, fishing, jungle hikes, climbing the Teresek Hill. You can well as use the guided night safaris to see nocturnal animals like leopards, owls, water dragons, and cats.



This is the capital city of Malaysia and was created about two hundred years ago. The city was calm and bare, but today, it is full of life and activities and is the largest metropolitan city in the country. KL, as the natives call it, is a melting pot of culture. It is also known for the high-rise buildings, exotic shopping centers, and exciting nightlife. The diversity of the cuisine options are admirable too.

Top sites of attraction in Kuala Lumpur include;

  • British colonial buildings
  • Petronas Twin Towers
  • And many others.



This particular site is known for its outstanding formation of karst limestone as well as the unique cave systems. Coming to this park, you will get to see for yourself why it is known as one of the most glamorous sites in the entire country. In it are some of the largest cave systems in the world. Some of these include:

Sarawak Chamber, which is one of the most extended cave chambers in the world. It is so large that it can contain up to 40 Boeing 747 aircraft. Furthermore, the park is located along the sparkling rivers, rainforest, deep ravines, and rugged mountains. Owing to the Gunung Mulu Park location, the most efficient mode of transportation to this place is by air, through the Mulu Airport.


The Langkawi is situated off the northwestern coast of Malaysia within the sea of Andaman. It is an archipelago of 99 islands.

Some of the top beautiful sites in Langkawi include:

  • Beaches, rainforest, forest-clad mountains and mangroves
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Limestone cliffs
  • Furthermore, Langkawi allows tourists to witness the natural beauty of the archipelago.


In conclusion, Malaysia is a unique country with a deep sense of diversity. The rich culture, lush scenery, exotic cuisines, and outgoing natives should be enough reasons for you to make a trip to this beautiful Asian.

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Indonesia is one of the most popular, populous, and largest countries in Asia. It is a lively country with colorful and sumptuous meals and lots of sprawling sights to make you relish your stay. The lakes, rivers, mountains, caves, and beaches will be worthwhile if you take the time to tour them. If you are a lover of history, you will certainly enjoy being taken through Indonesia’s rich historical heritage.

One of the things that add to the beauty of Indonesia is the fact that it’s a mixture of ‘ancient and modern’ with skyscrapers situated next to ancient temples and mosques.

To help you have a feel of this country, let’s take a look at the Top 7 Places to Visit in Indonesia.


This is one of Indonesia’s cities with an increasing number of tourists, owing to its rising popularity. Taking a few minutes drive beyond the heart of the city, you will be greeted with serene towns and paddy fields, situated within the outskirts. The city has a rich history you would love to explore as you make your way through the streets.

Top attraction sites in Ubud

  • Unique temples (having great stone carvings)
  • Museums
  • Nice restaurants
  • Local shops (for your humble shopping)
  • Bars



Yogyakarta is one city you would love to tour because it is the base of culture and arts within the island of Java. It is beautified by the rich cultural heritage of the Javanese, which radiates across many parts of the city. This city is one of the oldest cities in entire Indonesia and is a nice point from where you can tour the other regions nearby.

Top places to visit in Indonesia

  • Art Galleries
  • Museums
  • Walled palace (where the Sultan lives)
  • Shopping malls
  • Spectacular temples

Also, you can witness the beautiful street arts, dining options, among other things.



This is one of the most popular cities in Indonesia. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia and a megalopolis city in structure. Visitors usually love the lively atmosphere, which could sometimes be too frenetic. It is home to more than thirty million residents, with the indigenes being very visitor-friendly. Over the years, Jakarta has been defined by her high rate of development, with an increasing number of high-rise buildings.

Top places to visit in Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Ancient towns
  • Classic restaurants
  • Eclectic bars and cafes.

You will also enjoy the numerous cuisines, cultural diversity, and energetic nightlife of the city.



Kuta is known for its portable size – a small village with a fast-paced development rate, which is one of the reasons to visit Kuta. The environment is enjoyably serene and welcoming to all.

Top places to visit in Kuta, Indonesia

  • Fast-food joints
  • Bars
  • White beach (a primary attraction site in the city)


You can also make a trip to Legian and Seminyak for some quality time of quietness; take a boat ride to the glamorous beaches located within the Island of Gili.

If you are a lover of nightlife, then you will love Kuta.



Surabaya is the second-largest city in Indonesia. It is notorious for the noise and traffic, which is not unrelated to the fact that this city is like a thoroughfare to tourists being a significant transport hub.

Top attraction sites in Surabaya, Indonesia include;

  • Old colonial buildings
  • Arab quarter (with beautiful streets)
  • Large Chinatown (with many bars and restaurants)
  • Beaches of Bali.



Bandung is the third-largest city in Indonesia, after Surabaya and is a lively city, known for its heavy traffic. Owing to this heavy traffic, it can be challenging, yet fun to explore the city.

Top attraction sites in Bandung include;

  • Shopping centers
  • Mountains
  • Architectural masterpieces and many more.

You can also make a trip to the Plea plantations, walk the volcanic peaks, or go for hot spring baths.



Medan is situated close to the northeastern coast of Sumatra and is a unique city with an exciting lifestyle and cuisine diversity. If you choose to, you can make a trip from Medan to the beautiful Lake Toba. This city, which is close to Malaysia, has lots of lovely restaurants and food stalls you would love to explore.


Conclusively, this beautiful Asian nation has captivating and interesting places to visit and things to do. The architectural masterpieces, diverse cuisines, museums, parks, and mountains are experiences worth exploring.

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