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In economics, it is said that human wants are unlimited and that includes the way you look and feel about yourself. A lot of people have gone to great lengths to boost their self confidence. And this has brought about the highest level of insecurities. The desire to look a certain way has made plastic surgery the latest trend of our time. Some of them even get botched, while some die in the process.


Body image means how appealing, beautiful and enchanting one perceives himself/herself to be. This could be negative or positive. But it is very important to have a solid, positive perception of oneself.

The following steps are ways to feel good about your body

  • Self Love: is the most beautiful gift you can give yourself. You can only radiate beauty, love and positivity towards others when you start from yourself.

  • Appreciate your body unique features: Everyone is made in a unique way, just like we experience highlights and low-lights in life’s event, so are there highlights and low-lights of our body features. You have to know that both complement each other, and that’s what makes you stand out. Appreciate yourself enough to know that even the people you think have the perfect looks are struggling with their own insecurities.

  • Resolve to do things that makes you feel good: When you resolve to take care of yourself, you will realize that there is so much about life that is beautiful. If whatever you are doing or wherever you are going or whoever you are connected to doesn’t make you feel good, always know that you have the veto power to change the situation.

  • Positive People, Positive Vibes: If your circles of friends aren’t the ones who are there to support you and help you grow in life, then you are with the wrong set of people. Again know that you are more dangerous to yourself if the energy emanating from you isn’t positive. Like the saying goes “you are your own worst enemy” to have a positive energy you have to look at the points listed in this article.

  • Respect your body: This sounds weird but many people don’t respect their bodies, yet they expect their bodies to respect them. An incredibly gentle touch on the body such as, body massage and spa treatment, shoulder rub, head massage, skin care and total body pampering can leave you feeling incredibly good about yourself.

  • Eat healthy: Eating healthy isn’t optional it is compulsory. What you eat radiates on the body and health. Love yourself enough to eat healthy. Because when you eat healthy, you look and feel healthy.

  • Acknowledge the beauty in others: It’s important to know that as you appreciate and love yourself, spread that love and positivity by appreciating the beauty and uniqueness of the people around you. Compliments are good because it makes you feel good for putting a smile on someone’s face.

  • Know when to draw the line: This goes a long way to help you take control on the contents you digest from the social media, news, groups, gatherings and outings which may be a threat to your growth as a person.

  • Do not yield to comparison: Comparison is the fastest way to low self esteem. Avoid anything or anyone that puts you in that situation because it automatically makes you to lose focus on your goals and purpose in life.

  • Purpose: Those who know their purpose in life are too busy impacting positively in the lives of other people. When you have a purpose/cause that puts smiles on people’s faces and joy in people’s hearts, your body image will be the least of your problems.


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DUTIES OF THE MAID OF HONOURPlanning a wedding is hard work, and when it comes to the bride, it falls on the maid of honour to help handle some important details. She is the personal assistant to the bride when it comes to advice, fresh ideas and perspective as well as some of the heavy lifting. Ladies, the bride is then “QUEEN” of the day; “THE CENTRE OF ATTRACTION”.

I say this because some ladies see it as an avenue for competition and show off. I have seen brides trip over their dresses while the Maid of Honour is posing and smiling for the camera. I have also see a bride sweating, while the Maid of Honour is more interested in making sure that she doesn’t sweat at all. It is important to remember that the elegant dresses, shoes, hair and makeup are in honour of a couple who are in love and are celebrating the most memorable day of their lives.

To be the maid of honour is to be at the service of the bride, it is also a great privilege and a lot of fun. This article provides you with fresh ideas that you can use for your own wedding, I also recommend that taking an active part in a friend’s wedding preparation can be an eye opener that may save you time.


The maid of honour has some specific wedding day duties beyond wearing a big smile and keeping the bride happy:

  • The MOH is the messenger: You are the medium of communication on the big day; you will oversee and delegate duties if any.
  • Bridal Shower: You are one of the principal people to plan the bridal shower; depending on the terms of agreement, you can host or co-host a bridal shower party for the bride. (If any)
  • Pre-wedding photo shoot: With the permission of the bride you can plan the pre-wedding photo-shoot, including the details as desired by the bride.(if any)
  • Bridal veil: I have seen where brides have tripped on their veil simply because the maid of honour wasn’t close by to hold her veil.
  • Be a solution provider: Efficiency, flexibility, ability to think on your feet are one of the main qualities a maid of honour should posses. Sometimes unexpected duties involving lifting, fluffing, arranging and rearranging can come up.
  • Last minute details: like instructions for the photographer, makeup artist, deliveries to the hall or anything that concerns the bride that needs to be sorted out should be overseen by the maid of honour.
  • Refreshment: As the maid of honour, ensure that the bride takes a moment to eat, drink and freshen up before the wedding reception.
  • Have as many white face towels as you can get. And don’t forget to carry spare footwear in case the bride is feeling uneasy on her heels, she can easily switch to a more comfortable one.


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Life in itself is eventful; I mean both boring and active life. And these events get stuck in your memory, the good, bad or even traumatic memory. Decades ago only special or remarkable events are captured and documented. But thanks to the wide spread of technology, the use of digital camera is now a part of everyone’s life event.

Literally anyone can pull off the task of photographing or video graphing at any point in time through videos and pictures. But on special events, there are creative set of people whose specialty is to tell your story in the most unique way.

For couples that are planning their weddings and special events; hiring a professional photographer is no longer a luxury rather it is a necessity. There is something mystic about a photographer’s talent. He/she can turn a slum into a paradise or turn a thick forest to look like decorated flower garden with just one shot.

They have the magic.

They tell the story.

They capture memorable times that even 3 decades down the line you’ll see yourself laughing hard or reacting according to the message you get from the pictures.



  1. The photographer’s style

This has to appeal to you, and you should also make known in details what you want out of his creativity thereby establishing a connection with the photographer.

  1. Check out their portfolio

By going through the photographer’s portfolio, you will be able to see his works, his skills and his collections.  This will help you decide whom you are comfortable working with. Photographer’s portfolio can be found in blogs, websites or social media pages.

   3. Specialties

This is one of the important things to look out for. Photographers have areas they specialize in such as: portrait, architecture, photojournalism, product photography and wedding photography. You have to find the professional that can do the work diligently.

  1. Get recommendation and reviews

Recommendation from friends, family and well wishers is one of the easiest ways to know the work nature and ethics of the photographer you want to hire.

  1. Experience

Working with a photographer with lots of years of experience makes the day’s event smooth because he knows who and what to capture. The more you interview him, the more you find out the level of his experience in the photography business.

  1. Interviews

Setting a meeting appointment with your photographer is very important. This helps you to get to know more about the person that you will be working with. It is important to ask the right questions such as:

  • How many years have you been in the business of photography?
  • Is it a full time or part time job for you?
  • How many events have you covered recently?
  • Will you photograph alone or do you have a team of associates?
  • How long will it take to deliver the pictures in to digital and printed format?
  • Do you have a written contract?

The above questions will throw more light on the type personality you will be working with.

  1. Pay attention to the questions the photographer asks you

It is important to be attentive to the questions asked by the photographer, because through your response they will get your budget information. Ensure that they ask meaningful questions such as: What are the types of shots you want; close-up or general shots? What are the moments you want me to highlight? And delivery deadlines with other important questions.

  1. Checkout their editing skills

While most photographers use Photoshop and other editing tools to cover up their inefficiencies, the experienced photographer would not heavily edit his work to look great. In other to know a heavily edited photo, ask the photographer to show some of his unedited version of the photos, and compare the both of them. A confident photographer will have no problem showing you his work while an incompetent photographer will be hesitant or turn you down.

  1. Pricing and negotiation

This is an important factor because you may have had a budgeted amount for photography. Get estimates from 4 to 5 photographers and compare them according the findings you have of each of them. You are to consider the following when pricing:

  • Type of event
  • Time
  • Equipment
  • Staff, etc.

Remember to create extra budget for hidden charges such as; Flash drive/CD; editing, prints, etc.

Also negotiate if the price is above your budget, but don’t compromise on quality because it very important for the photo shoot.

The role of a photographer in every event cannot be overemphasized. Their art and creativity still comes alive anytime you take a look at the beautiful pictures that you have in your collections. Memories begin to fade as time goes by; the taste of the cake, the wedding dress, and the delicacies served on that day; the beautiful makeup, the elegantly decorated hall, the friends and well wishers and sometimes the feelings you had on that day will start to fade.

But the creative art of a photographer keeps that event alive, AND that alone will invoke the feelings you had on that special day.



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