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If you haven’t been to Kenya, you might think so little of this beautiful country. Probably, you haven’t heard that Kenya is East Africa’s No 1 travel destination. Kenya is that beautiful place for your weekend getaway that has an excellent blend of both rural and urban culture that promises varieties of adventures. Kenya is packed with lots of activities for tourists which you can enjoy alone, in a group or with your plus one, over the weekend. These activities range from wildlife chasing and world-class mountain adventures to enjoying the peak of an impressive nightlife and having wonderful Indian Ocean beach moments.

Grab a seat, let’s go on an exciting ride highlighting the top things you should do when you visit Kenya for a weekend getaway or vacation.

Visit the Crocs

Somewhere in the middle of far-away Lake Turkana exists one of the strangest places in Kenya, which plays host to the world’s largest colony of Nile crocodiles. This place is known as the Central Island National Park. The Central Island National Park also harbors three active volcanoes, black sand beaches, three blue-green crater lakes, and a campsite. So while saying ‘hello’ to the Crocs, you can also board a speedboat to sail you across the perfect end-of- the-Earth scenery. Lots of adventures all packed in one place; sounds even more exciting.

Go Scuba Diving or Snorkeling

If you are in Kenya between August and March, when the sea is smoother and quieter, do not fail to go for a scuba or snorkel trip. You can experience both activities on different occasions to get the complete feel and the rush of excitement that comes with these two fun activities for tourists in Kenya. Kenya’s Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park offers an unforgettable experience that would have you racing dolphins, sea turtles, and different species of fish at the bottom end of the Kenya Coast. Snorkeling amongst the beautiful creatures of the sea is an experience you won’t stop talking about. The experience is indescribable; go for it and always feel free to share your experience with us.

Commune with the Giraffes

The adventure in a Kenyan safari isn’t in standing far off and taking snapshots; it’s in going close and interacting with the safe animals (but do well to get an experienced tour guide). Visit the endangered Rothchild’s species of Giraffes at the AFEW Giraffe Centre, which is located on the outskirts of Nairobi. Get close to them, feed and interact with them and get for yourself a facial swipe of their long black tongues; some great souvenir that is.

Cycle through Hell’s Gate

Does that scare you?

Well, scary adventures are the most thrilling. Hell’s Gate, a gnarly lava-carved landscape that is situated 60 miles away from Nairobi, in the rumbling bowels of the great valley, is the next place for your cycling activities. Although it sounds unsafe, Hell’s Gate is that rare African National Park that lacks dangerous animals and is safe for cycling. You don’t have to worry about bringing a bike; you can rent a bike inside the Park or at the main gate.

Sail through Lamu Island with the Archipelago by Dhow

Looking back at the golden age of the Swahili culture, one of the outposts of the lateen-rigged sailing vessels known as traditional dhows considered the last great outpost is the Lamu Island situated on the Coast of North Kenya. These traditional Dhows were once the major means of transport sailing between East Africa, The Middle East, and India. A sunset or snorkeling trip down to the Takwa ruins will leave you awestruck with the natural beauties you never knew existed.

A Trip to Mount Kenya

Take a trip to Mount Kenya and experience mountaineering on a totally different but fantastic level. Mount Kenya rises over 17,000 feet and is known to be Africa’s second-highest peak after its counterpart – Mt. Kilimanjaro. Unlike the snowy trails of Kilimanjaro, the summit trails of Mt. Kenya is less crowded and eager to play host to your adventure-hungry feet. A trekking adventure in the mountain will last for five days, which will have you camping for four nights in the mountain’s calm embrace. All you need is a Mount Kenya Safari guide by your side and a camera to capture all the beautiful sights.

Have a Starry Night’s sleep

Camping in Kenya under the stars is one great nightlife experience you should endeavor to have. The Star Beds safari camp offers a luxurious night’s sleep under the stars, where the night’s breeze whispers sweet nothings in your ears, caressing your weary eyelids and cajoling them to sleep. Snoozing al fresco style is an experience that puts your being at total peace with nature and your surroundings. The camp, which can be found in Losiaba Conservancy, is run by local Samburu and Masai people. A night at the camp offers you a peaceful slumber in a four-poster bed rolled out onto the deck beside a rocky outcrop. If you sleep lightly, you could open your eyes to see a thirsty elephant or some other animal lapping up water from the waterhole beside the rocky outcrop.


Conclusively, once your to-do list for the weekend is packed with these amazing Kenyan experiences, you are just on your way to having one of the most thrilling adventures of your lifetime. Get your traveling bags packed, book your cheap flights from Travel Beta, and be on the next flight to Kenya.

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Opomulero Song By Frank Edwards Lyrics And MP3 Download



Opomulero Song By Frank Edwards Lyrics And MP3 Download

Opomulero Song By Frank Edwards Lyrics And MP3 Download


Solo 1
Elewi elese
Elese elewi
You alone deserve all my praise
Mo juba re daddy mi o
Iwo lolufe okan mi o
Iwo ni ma sin
Oh oh oh!
I call you holy holy
You’re the most high God


Call: Opomulero
Resp: Opomulero
Call: Ezemo
Resp: Ezemo
Call: Idi agbanwe e
Resp: Idi agbanwe e
Call: Idi ae e
Resp: Idi agbanwe e
Call: Oba to ju oba lo
Resp: Oba to ju oba lo
Call: Ezemo
Call: Idi agbanwe e
Call: Idi agbanwe e

Solo 2
You are the author of my life
And nothing is impossible with you
No no no oh!
You reign you reign
You reign in majesty
oh oh oh!
I call you holy holy
You’re the most high God

Chorus (2x)

Adlibs and Chorus till fade…


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Burning and Shining By Frank Edwards, TB1 Lyrics And MP3 Download

Burning and Shining By Frank Edwards, TB1 Lyrics And MP3 Download


Call: Everybody say shining
Resp: Shining
Call: Everybody say burning
Resp: Burning
Call: Everybody go burning
Resp: Burning
Call: Everybody say shinananana I’m shining
Resp: Everybody say shinananana I’m shining
Call: Everbody go boom boom boom I’m burning
Call: Everybody go boom boom boom I’m burning
Everybody put your hands up (4x)

Chorus (2x)
Shinananana I’m shining
boom boom boom I’m burning

Solo 1
Everybody is asking why oh why oh
Why I keep shinning
Why I keep winning
Some people go further why must it be you eh
This is what you tell them (2x)

It’s gotta be me
Cause I got what it takes
It’s gotta be you cause you got what it takes
Every minute I’m shining
Every day I’m burning
In the morning I’m shining
In the night I’m burning
Everybody go


Solo 2
Okay Everybody put your hands up (2x)
Yeah I came in, my presence gives light to the darkness
Cause I’m a burning and a shining light
Like an athlete
I’m on the right track
Always in the front line
Fresh like a new wine
I shine so bright
Even the starts envy me, envy me envy me
The stars envy me
Like you cause you all can follow me
Let’s burn and shine for the world to see
Yeah the future is bright
It’s because you are the light so don’t hesitate
Go out now you got what it takes
Be the best of you God will be proud of you
Yeah you got what it takes so don’t hesitate


Chorus (3x)

Call and Resp
Shinananana I’m shining


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Egbeh, King Jaga
Israel Strong
Eleyi Strong
Omo, in this New Year
No complaining
So I say
Bye, bye
Sickness (Bye-bye, bye-bye)
Infermity (Bye-bye, bye-bye)
Disappointment (Bye-bye, bye-bye)
Poverty (Bye-bye, bye-bye)
Failure (Bye-bye, bye-bye)
Barrenness (Bye-bye, bye-bye)
Complaining (Bye-bye, bye-bye)
Hatred, Bye-bye, bye-bye
Jesus Changed my Story Oh
I live a life of Grace
From Glory to Glory Oh
That is the Stand I take
Take a look at me oh
I’m not the Person you used to know
My address has changed
I’m on a Premium Level
Too Much Grace
(I have Moved)
To the Higher (I have Moved)
Things are no longer thesame
(I have Moved)
Every body move, move
(I have Moved)
Highest Grace (I have Moved)
Increase Grace (I have Moved)
Things are no longer thesame
(I have Moved)
Oya Every…


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