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There is this erroneous notion that fitness training and the gym is meant for only fat or weighty people. Body fitness and various kinds of exercises ensures that the body and mind is always in good shape. Research has shown and proven that those who engage in exercises and body fitness regimes tend to be more healthy. When exercises are not mandatory, it can be fun. If you want to be physically and mentally healthy, you must engage in exercises. The beauty is that you can, in fact, make a living out of it. It is usually said that health is wealth; even as many people in this corner of the world believe fitness and exercise is only meant for big sized people which is hardly the truth. Fitness and exercise will promote a healthy life for everyone. For example, daily exercises will allow for free flow of blood in the veins. It caters well for  the heart; even an hypertensive patient who exercises often would most often than not stay healthy and fit. Body fitness  is good for everyone. Would you love to invest in a gym or fitness business? Or are you thinking of a business to invest in? You are not taking a wrong path if you choose to invest in a gym or fitness business. Just like other businesses, all you need do is follow the right steps.

In an environment like Nigeria’s where the stress levels has become very high, the least any right-thinking person can do is to create avenues for relaxation and engage in activities designed to keep all the organs in their bodies working properly; especially through maximum blood circulation. In this corner of the world, more people are beginning to realize the importance of keeping fit, not just as a way of life but also to stay healthy, live longer and be happy. These days, it is common to see people walking long distances or engaging in one form of exercise or the other to achieve these objectives. The trend has also ignited the business sense in some people, who have seized the opportunity to set up gymnasiums for business purposes. In this wise, gyms are no longer seen merely as a series of rendezvous for sports enthusiasts but have become serious business concerns, where investors target to earn good income.


Types of Gym Business You Can Start in Nigeria..

There four types of gym businesses you can engage in depending on your resources and time. They are discussed briefly below as pronounced by Friends Impact:

  1. Full Scale Coed Membership Gym:

The standard in the fitness industry, a coed membership gym is one that is open to men and women and offers a wide variety of equipment to suit the different training preferences of various people.  Although a varied selection of equipment is needed, a coed membership gym does NOT need to be large.  Many of these types of gyms are extremely profitable in a room size of 185 to 288 meters squared.  A gym of this size can be run very efficiently without excessive monthly operating costs or the need for additional equipment.

By working with a New Gym Specialist, you will get the proper amount and variety of equipment to help assure that you meet the needs of your members without overspending. Nigeria’s growing population and nearly 50/50 male to female split make it ideal for new gyms.  Here are some facts about the Population of Nigeria –

  • With around 190 million people, Nigeria is the 2nd largest country in the entire African continent
  • Nigeria has the MOST inhabitants of any African nation
  • Roughly 18% of the continent’s population live in Nigeria
  • Nigeria has 8 cities with over 1 million people
  • Lagos is the most populous Nigerian city with an estimated 15 million people
  • Nigeria is the one of the most populous country in the world
  • Nigeria has had a 60% growth rate over only 2 decades

These above facts show the growth and density of the population of Nigeria.  Along with this growth comes the need for modern equipped gyms to satisfy the demands of the modern Nigerian culture.

  1. Sports Performance Training Facility:

Nigeria boasts a large youth population, with more than 90 million people falling into that category.  Only China and India have a larger youth population.  The youthful population presents a great opportunity for gyms catering to athletic performance either to enhance youths for school athletic programs or to engage youths in healthy lifestyle choices.

Soccer is the number one sport in Nigeria, but boxing, (both standard and Dambe martial arts boxing also known as traditional Hausa boxing), rugby and various track and field events are all sports that Nigerians regularly partake in.

This combination of a youthful population and a culture of athleticism creates a genuine need for sports performance training facilities throughout the country. A sports performance training gym requires a different mix of equipment than a standard membership gym and your New Gym Specialist will create a Complete Gym Package that specifically fits the needs of your sports performance training facility.

  1. Apartment Complex Gym

Urban cities like Lagos and Abuja are experiencing a significant growth in housing.  Lagos is already known as a bustling business center with a fast paced community. Apartment complexes in these cities are being built or renovated to accommodate the growing population and need for modern housing.  Apartment buildings that allocate a room for a fitness center have an added incentive for people to choose to live there. Modern apartment complexes in Nigeria need modern gym equipment to attract and retain residents. An apartment fitness room with the right type and amount of equipment creates profit for the apartment complex owner by creating an environment where people want to live. It also allows the owner to charge somewhat more per apartment rental because of this modern amenity.

Although smaller than a standard commercial membership gym, an apartment complex gym still needs a certain mix of the right type of equipment to function properly.  Your New Gym Specialist will create the right Complete Apartment Complex Gym Package for you.

  1. Intimate Personal Training Studio:

The economy of Nigeria continues to be on the rise.  In fact, Nigeria is listed as one of the “Next Eleven” economies set to become the biggest in the world.  In the Ikoyi area of Lagos alone, the high level of urbanization has attracted a higher income level and upscale housing.  This type of upscale clientele calls for smaller gym centers and often a more intimate, boutique style of one-on-one training.

These intimate personal training studio gyms focus on individual attention to a client’s personal fitness goals by using private or small group training sessions.  The space required varies depending upon how many clients or trainers the studio will have, but the need for certain fundamental pieces of equipment is the same and it is essential to use State-of-the-Art equipment that features upscale aesthetics and high end functions.    Here again, the use of a New Gym Specialist is important to assure that you get the right equipment for a personal training studio environment.

With a young, growing population, a rising economy and an interest in sports and athletic achievement, Nigeria has it all for anyone today who wants to enter the fitness industry as a gym owner.  These above 4 types of gyms are ideally suited for the Nigerian market.  By exploring your local area, you will determine which of these types of gyms is best suited for your area and for your budget.  Whichever type of gym you decide upon, now is the time to take advantage of the great opportunity to open a successful gym in the country known as the “Giant of Africa.

Guide on How to Start a Profitable Gym Business in Nigeria.

Starting a gym business is not easy as it is with other businesses. According to Information Guide Africa, the following are a step-by-step guide on how to start a lucrative business in Nigeria:

  • Get trained:

First of all, you need to pass through the proper training and experience that will qualify you to start your own gym. As you should already know, your clients won’t just be counting on you to look great, but to also keep their bodies healthy and safe using their services. There are different personal training you can choose from, and they all come with their own certifications. The choice of training to pass through should depend on certain factors like your locality and target market.

  • Carry out a market survey/feasibility study

This is a very important step and will determine the how far you go in the business. While carrying out a feasibility study, you won’t just be choosing a location, but will also be carrying out a demographic outlook of the inhabitants. Things you should pen down include the notably dominant class, gender and even age grade in the region. A region with a large concentration of youths will be very ideal for setting up a gym house.

  • Choose a brand name

In choosing a name for your business, you can start by considering the nature of the business. Your choice name will act like an extension of your brand, representing you in your absence.

In choosing a name for your business, you can decide to explore any of the following options:

  • Use your (the founder’s) name ie 20th Century Fox (William Fox)
  • Describe what you do ie Skype (originally the idea was ‘Sky peer to peer’)
  • Make up a word ie Google (derived from ‘googol’ which means 1 followed by 100 zeros)
  • Take a word out of context ie Apple (according to Steve Jobs, he had just come back from an apple farm, and thought the name sounded “fun, spirited and not intimidating.”)
  • You can also describe an experience or image
  • Register your business name

After creating your brand’s name, the next thing in line will be to register it the the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). The CAC was formed in 1990 as an autonomous body in charge of regulating the formation and management of companies in Nigeria Their services include registration of business names and incorporation of companies. Registering your business with name has many benefits especially in building a reputation with your customers. It’ll also be useful if in the future, you want to access any government contracts or loans from the various financial institutions.

  • Prepare your business plan

Your business plan is a written description of your business’s future. It will contain what your plans and the methods you intend carrying out plans. For example, a business plan for your gym business should contain your business goals (both long term and short term), capital ( and how you intend raising them), equipment, location, how you intend earning (i.e. membership fee), miscellaneous costs among others.

  • Get financed

Depending on your scale, you will be needing between ₦1 million to ₦5 million to get started. A good percentage of the money will go into renting a space. You’ll also need to acquire (or rent) some equipment and advertise your new business. Different ways of raising capital for your business include personal funds (i.e. savings) and loans from financial institutions. You can also borrow from your friends and relatives who’d be interested in helping you set up the business.

  • Rent a space

The space will be taking a good cut from your budget. You won’t just be going for any room, a standard gym house should be around 30m by 20m or more. If you’ll be launching your business in developed cities like Abuja and Lagos, you might have to budget between ₦500,000 to ₦1,000,000 per annum. You can go for a spacious room, with if possible, small sections for offices and private gym sections. In addition to these, a standard gym house should also have a rest room (British English), where trainers can rest in-between and after sections.

  • Acquire the necessary equipment

Some necessary equipment that you’d be needing in your gym house include:

  • Dumbbells
  • Motorized & Manual Treadmills
  • Ski machine
  • Exercise mats
  • Weight pile
  • Stepper boards
  • Indoor cycles
  • Ellipticals
  • Ankle weight
  • Skip-rope
  • Rowers

These equipment come at different prices, and if you intend purchasing all, you will have to budget more than ₦2 million. Check the prices of the equipment on Jumia, it’d help you in estimating the actual market costs and you can also purchase them there too. Also note that the equipment can be hired on lease at more affordable prices. If you don’t have enough funds, I’d suggest you go for his option and upgrade in the later run.

  • Hire professionals

Your scale will determine the number employees you’d be hiring in the early stage of your business. Your employee should already have an experience in fitness training and in addition, be passionate about the job. You can also consider hiring someone to take on the marketing role, the person will be in charge of managing the release and spread of information between your business and your customers.

  • Promote your business

Thanks to the internet, you don’t need to spend millions in promoting your business via the various social media platforms and other platforms. You can target your locality with Google and Facebook ads at very affordable rates. Alternatively, you can promote your business offline by printing and sharing banners and flyers around your business location.


If you can put your acts together, gym business is a business that can provide a launching pad for your financial liberation in Nigeria. Body fitness and exercises are for everyone who cares for his/her physical and mental health. Body fitness and exercises are as important as food is to the body. Hence, this is a kind of business that already has a functional market for everyone who wants to start-up a gym business. A gym business guarantees you customers especially as more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of body fitness and exercises.

Membership registration in gym houses across the country requires daily, weekly or monthly payment. How much you pay is virtually determined by the area of your residence. Those in cities like Port Harcourt, Lagos, Abuja, etc. will charge higher than the gym houses in Yenagoa, Kaduna or Oyo. By and by, it is important you apply for one.

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Car wash service is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria which entrepreneurs can take advantage of. Nigeria is a country blessed with a huge population which requires automobile to transport people from one place to a final destination. These automobiles come in different shapes and sizes. The fact that Nigeria is one one the most populated countries in Africa means that more vehicles will be needed for transportation. The more vehicles on the roads, the bigger the market is for companies offering car was services.

Setting up a car wash service is one of the easiest in Nigeria. This is attributed to the low capital required to start up this type of business anywhere around the country. Through this article, information concerning car wash services, how to set it up, and ways to earn big through the business will be discussed. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of the valuable information provided here to set up their own stream of income through the business.

Car Wash Business in Nigeria

Car wash business has ever been present in the business sector in Nigeria. Many entrepreneurs see this business as a low income business due to the relatively low fee paid for services provided by this business. This has led to the relatively reduced number of companies and ventures that offer this service to the Nigerian population. This impression of entrepreneurs towards this business is totally wrong, and according to research, it is one of the most lucrative businesses that pull in huge revenues when the business is set up in the right condition and environment. Similar to many other businesses, the car wash business will not thrive if it is not conducted in the right way, right environment, right conditions, and so on.

This article will obviously help entrepreneurs understand the right conditions which will help their car wash business grow and generate the necessary revenues required to keep the business running perfectly while also earning entrepreneurs in the business, tangible profits.

How to Start a Car Wash Business in Nigeria

Creating a successful business venture require the assembly of many factors in the right ratio. A car wash business is a service company and a business just like the many other ones you will find across Nigeria. As a result, there are different steps that need to be followed in order to build a successful car wash business within any state across Nigeria where you may find yourself. These principles are well suited to the business atmosphere in Nigeria and corresponds with the demands of individuals, companies which require these services.

Start up Capital

Before starting up any business in whatever sector of the economy, the biggest factor that comes into play is the start up capital. This is the total amount of money entrepreneurs intend to invest in their business of choice, which in this case is Car Wash Business. The startup capital which will be required by any car wash service business will majorly depend on the scale of business entrepreneurs intend to start up. It is a general knowledge in the business world that the bigger the business scale, the higher the investment required. Entrepreneurs who want a small scale car wash business, especially for first timers in the business, will require a lower startup capital than when compared to expert entrepreneurs who intend to create a large scale car wash company. Usually, in any business entrepreneurs are willing to venture in, they are always required to start small and grow into the business, especially those ones doing the business for the first time. This is so as to avoid the high risk of running into losses majorly due to inexperience and most likely inadequacy in all forms. Entrepreneurs who are well baked in the job, and have enough experience of the business under their belt can easily start up big with little to no risk of failure.

Business Plan

Subsequent to the decision of the scale of business and the intended investment amount, entrepreneurs are required to to draft a business plan for the car wash service. This is another big step in the right direction for entrepreneurs who have it in mind to oversee this business. A business plan is a detailed documentation of everything concerning the business; right from the first step of the business to the last. It is important to note that these details may include the operation of the business, management, organizational structure, Projections, Goals, objectives (Short term and long term), Business conduct, and many other visions you may have for the business.

Another point where business plan may come in handy for a car wash business is on the case where you may need loans to either keep the business running, fund expansion, create other branches, or sort issues which the problem may face at a given time. Business plan allows financial institutions or government parastatals to buy into your business, estimate its viability, while also creating credibility for you as an entrepreneur. Through this, you can easily secure loans faster than you could ever imagine. Entrepreneurs who have no idea on how to draft a business plan for the car wash business can easily enlist the services of professionals who specialize in writing business plans.

Register your Business

Similar to many other businesses across the country, the car wash business has to be registered in order to operate legally, and identified by the government as a credible business. It is important and obligatory to register the car wash business with the appropriate bodies before you launch operations through the business. The first body to register the business with is the Corporate Affairs commission, which oversee the registration of all business by entrepreneurs and providing the necessary certifications to operate such business. Registering your business with the government saves you a lot of stress and money, because failure to do so will lead to numerous altercations with these government agencies, leading you to spend more on sanctions and penalties for not doing so in the first place.

Aside the Corporate Affairs Commission, there are associations of Car wash in respective states across the country; where you are required to obtain license of operations before providing any car wash service to the general public. All you need to do is to find out the associations in your chosen Area and follow the due process by obtaining a license for your business.


One of the few things that come to minds of entrepreneurs when looking to start a business is the most suitable location which will allow the business not only thrive, but also grow. Such is the importance of the location to this business. Setting up a car wash business in a bad location will prove detrimental to the operation and proper running of the business.

When looking for a suitable place to set up a car wash business, the most suitable place that comes to mind is along busy road sides. This is because it makes it easily accessible for vehicles and trucks to branch for a quick cleaning before going off for daily business or operation. Car wash business thrive the most in areas with huge traffic, major roads, residential, and commercial areas. Road intersections and parking lots, malls can also serve as a very suitable location to get more customers whose vehicles need cleaning.

Water Source

Water is the most important materials required in the car was business. Without it, it is impossible to conduct the car was business because it is the medium through which dirt are removed from vehicles. This is why it is also important to check for a water source when considering the perfect location to set up your business. These sources of water may include borehole, well water, and tap water. Since car wash consume a lot of water, well water may not be enough to sufficiently serve the business, so borehole water is usually preferable, since it is founded in aquifers with endless supply of water. You may also need a storage tank where the water will be stored. Some car was services don’t use storage tanks, as water can be channeled directly from borehole through a hose.


Depending on the type of car wash you intend to start, your business might either R need an open space for the operations of the company, or a space for necessary constructions. Either ways, you will need a space where the operations are executed and space to accommodate customers whose vehicles you wash. The space required for a car wash section is estimated at 6 x 25 sq.m. which will contain an average 4-5 cars perfectly. This ensures your business can handle multiple cars at the same time, which of course help save customer’s time. Extra space will be needed as rest area for customers. This area should contain seats, and well ventilated. You can even earn more by setting up a small kiosk that offers all sorts of refreshments from cold drinks, to cakes, biscuits, and any other snacks. You can make preferred modifications to the outlook and aesthetics of your car wash, as it gives extra incentives for customers.


Electricity is also an important need for the car wash business. Some of the machineries and facilities used by car washers require electricity to operate them, especially the car pressure machine. The pumping machine (Electrical submersible pump) also requires electricity to pump water from the aquifer to storage tanks. As a result, you can be lucky to choose an area where there is constant electricity. And if not, you have to get a back up generator to run the business when there is no electricity. When sourcing for the generating set to buy, you have to consider the power rating of each of the equipments and machineries used. For example, there are pumping machines which have power ratings of 1.5Hp or 2Hp. Acquiring a generator less than 2Hp will be useless because the generating set cannot generate enough power to run these machines.

Human Resources

Like many other regular businesses, the car washing business require labor. This can be a mixture of skilled and unskilled labor. You can easily employ a few skilled personnel in the business for a start, then supporting them with more unskilled labor who will have to learn the trade through the experts. The number of employees which your business require depends on the scale of your business. The larger the scale, the larger the workforce. A car wash that can handle up to 5 cars at a time should have at least 2 experienced employees supported by a couple of unskilled ones.


Marketing is a required part of business that is necessary and obligatory for business which intend to grow and multiply with time. Marketing is the process of increasing the reach of your business to target customers. Marketing help expose  your business to wider horizons by earning you customer from all around you, both far and wide. Marketing also help give you a competitive edge over your completion in the car wash market. Using a creative approach in marketing your business will go a long way in helping your business attain its stated objectives in due time.

Marketing your business can be done in numerous way. Some of these includes advertising using all forms of media. You can advertise your business using fliers, plaques, posters. Advertising is also possible through social media. This can be done by advertising on the numerous social media networks with the most followers in Nigeria which includes Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Through this medium, you can reveal the operations of your business, how you go about each service you offer. You can set up promos, and attractive programs that will earn you more customers in no time. Marketing is the most important tool when it comes to making your business grow and exceed its expectations.

Equipment and Materials

For the successful operation and running of the car wash business, you will need to acquire the necessary equipment which will enable you execute washing and cleaning of all kinds. The equipment needed for the business my also vary, depending on the scale of the business. Regardless of the scale of the business, listed here are all the equipment and machineries associated with car wash business. They include:

  • Car pressure washer
  • Hose
  • Sign board
  • Water storage tank
  • Generator
  • Bucket
  • Brush
  • Sponge
  • Microfiber washcloth and towels
  • Car vacuum
  • Car wash liquid
  • Detailing products and other products
  • Automatic car was machine
  • High Pressure Water Compressor Machine


The car wash business is one of the easiest to set up in Nigeria. As long as all the information and details outlined in this article are followed, entrepreneurs will create the perfect condition in which the car was business will thrive and grow to exceed expectations. Do well to share the post with fellow entrepreneurs who are looking to have a go in this business and earn reasonable profit from this booming market.

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Beads actually happen to be one of the oldest forms of fashion in the country. As at the time it was first worn, it was mostly in traditional settings for royals or people from royal families for fashion purposes. Over the years from that time, it has become something that almost anyone can wear just to beautify and also had a nice touch to whatever they are wearing. As the use of beads have been for a long time, it suggests that in times past some people have explored the business and used the idea to make some money while helping people to look good. These people are known as Bead Makers.

Bead making is the simply the process of putting together beads of different types, color and sizes that would eventually look fashionable and attractive when worn. Beads come in different types can be used for necklaces, bags, rings and so on. It is a business with huge prospects due to the fact that it is widely acceptable and is worn by many people. The business also comes in both small scale and large scale. This depends on capital and also the time to be dedicated into it. For example, the business will be in small scale in a case where the business will not be full time and it will only be run on a part time basis as a supplement to your normal job. Unlike in that case, the large scale business might require an higher level of engagement.


One of the major benefits in starting the business is that it is something that can be operated from the comfort of your home. You don’t necessarily need a big space to use for the business, your home is enough. The business doesn’t have any complex or large equipments so everything needed for the business can perfectly fit in your home without needing to rent a place or something like that. The only scenario where that can be possible is when the business is started on a large scale or after a few years of running the business in small scale, you eventually want to move and expand the business.

Also, the cost of starting the business is not really expensive. In fact, the business can be started for a relatively low amount of capital depending of the type of beads you want to make. You don’t need to secure any space or buy any large equipments, the basic tools that are needed for starting the business are just few and the beads can be made with no problem at all. Starting the business also doesn’t really require any technical skills or educational qualifications or prior experience though most times when the business is started, it is started by experts who have a very good knowledge about beads and how they can be made. As a starter who likes the business idea but is unaware of how to go about it, it is still possible as you’ll only need adequate level of training on how the beads can be made to get started.

Starting the business is not really a hard thing to do after you must have acquired the necessary level of training on the business and the capital for the business is also made available. Like I’ve mentioned, the cost of starting the business is not very expensive and the equipments or resources to get started are not huge or luxurious so they are mostly affordable to get. For a small scale business, the large chunk of the budget goes into getting the resources and marketing approaches for the business since there is no need to get any location or shop to operate the business from.

In the next sub heads, I’ll be discussing the neccesary things involved in starting the business and also some factors that can help improve your chances of making profit and also making the business successful.


Researching a business you’re about to start is highy recommended regardless of how small or big you plan to start. Research is a fundamental aspect of starting any business and it always helps the entrepreneur determine if they’re actually ready for all the business takes and if they’ll be cut out for the things involved in the business. During the research, certain things are made known to individuals about the business and these things actually become important during the course of the business.

During the research, it is important to go through every detail you can get concerning the business, the market for the product, entry requirements for a starting company, production requirements and cost, risks involved, marketing strategies available for the business, the cost of capital and finally, how to increase your chances of making good amount of profit from the business. Other things like how to also expand if you’re starting small and best kind of bead products in the market should also be gotten.

The bead making business is not an entirely new business as there are other individuals who are practicing the business and have even been in the industry for quite a while. You can look to get insights from such individuals who might even already have big bead shops. They will most likely give you the most reliable information you can get on the business aside from the one you’ll probably get on the internet which also can be reliable to some extent.


If you don’t already know how to go about the process of bead making then it is only right that you learn it as it is the main point for starting the business. You can’t just start a bead making business with knowing anything at all about fixing the beads to make a beautiful design. That’s of, except you won’t be running the business yourself or you’ll have workers doing the work for you. But even at that, you are required to learn what the business is about and how to actually make the beads.

There are a number of free tutorials online to learn from. That can prove to be a start for the learning process. The internet gives the opportunity to actually learn quite a lot. Video platform, YouTube, has video content to explain the procedures in detail. Also, there are physical classes for bead making where you’ll have to walk in and learn the bead making process just like in a school or class set up. Based on scheduled time, you can decide either to go in daily or for specific number of days a week to learn the bead making process. After a couple of weeks of classes, you must have been able to go about the bead making without stress.

Either the internet based learning or the physical class learning, you’re still sure to get properly equipped to get the business started.


At this stage, the equipments for the business can be gotten. There are different types of beads that can be used for the business. Some of them include acrylic beads, bone and horn beads, celestial crystal, shell beads, metal beads, Czech glass beads, molded beads, lampwork beads, dichroic glass beads, furnace glass and many others. These beads are what will be used for the bead making and are quite available in the market for affordable prices. Other basic equipments apart from the beads needed for the bead making process includes the fishing line, cutter, tape, pliers, hook, bead stoppers and bead design board. Depending on the type of beads you’ll be making, the equipments might vary and you’ll need to get some extra things. Also, you’ll have to get the material used to package the beads after they are made.


For this business, there are different methods that can be applied for marketing. One of the methods is by using social media. You’ll need to create a social media page and from there use the resources available to advertise your products. The method is the most effective when it comes to the business especially since you’re doing everything from home. Other methods are word of mouth, referrals or use of banners and fliers.

Registering the business is also another important part of the business which would prove really useful for the business. Bead making comes with an already established market, so you’ll definitely be able to sell your products and also make profits provided you do the neccesary things required for the progress of the business.

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I don’t think it’s new or a surprise that animals are actually kept at home as pets. The growing trend has been something that has been practiced for a very long time even to the time when hunters and even farmers used animals such as dogs for security reasons. It’s still practiced today and it’s almost difficult to find a house that doesn’t have a pet, dogs mostly, in some areas in the country today. The trend has not just stayed with dogs, other animals are also being kept as pets. There are a number of pets available today and they all are used by different individuals for several reasons with most being for companionship.

Pet breeding is Nigeria has actually become a popular thing that has even gotten people business opportunities in the area. The most popular animals in this business are of course, cats and dogs. Dogs particularly are used for security reasons and are mostly employed for that reason in many homes today. These dogs could also serve as pet dogs in the house even though their sole responsibility in the house to keep away any kind of security threat. Even in agencies such as the police and drug enforcement agencies, they make use of dogs due to their good sniffing ability.


Cats, also, are one of the popularly bred animals in the country. Even though they basically don’t have the size or capabilities of a dog, they are also well known to be found in homes. Unlike dogs, they are mostly used as pets and companions in the house. Cats are always adorable and lovely, which happens to be one of the reasons why they are always adopted as pets. Even though cats and dogs are more like the major pets found in Nigeria today, some other animals are taken in based on preference of the owner.

Most times when a pet breeding business is started, it is started by experts who actually have a very good idea of the animals they’re dealing with and know how well they behave and need to be taken care of. Also, people who are passionate about animals and always want the best for them including getting a nice home to stay are some of the individuals who might decide to start the business. Now, this doesn’t mean it takes a specific skill to be able to start. Once you’re ready to acquire the required knowledge about the business, then you’re most likely ready to start the business. A pet breeding business isn’t just a business you can just go on and start without learning a thing or two about it. So, even if you’re not having any qualifications or experience, you can start with the right level of information or knowledge.

Starting the business requires quite a lot. One of course, which is very important to the survival of any business, is capital. The capital is the first things to be obtained before any other thing. It is after that things like the housing for the animals and other neccesary requirements will be gotten. The business is a lucrative one that will definitely bring in huge profits when things are properly put in place. Like I’ve mentioned, Dogs and Cats are the most adopted animals in the country and dealing with them will definitely not be a miss.

In the next sub heads, I’ll discuss the steps involved in starting a pet breeding business in Nigeria and some neccesary things to be considered along the line during the course of the business that will eventually help in making things work and also ensure success.


This is a really important aspect when it comes to staring a business. Research is highly important. As a start up or someone who probably knows just a little about the business, it is very advisable to seek knowledge regarding the pet breeding business. Even for individuals who already can be considered experts or are quite knowledgeable about the subject, there is need to do a thorough research about the business you’re about to venture into. There might be something you’re missing or probably a new technique or advancement in town that could help the business move forward.

Like I mentioned earlier, there are different kinds of pets and entrepreneurs might need to specialize. The two most common animals or pets bred in the country are Cats and Dogs. Of course, there are others and if you’re willing to get involved with another animal, take the hit but make sure you find out detailed information about it and how well people purchase it in the market. Remember, you’re breeding these animals so you can sell them, so you don’t want to start a business where people won’t buy your products.

There are a number of useful guidelines and methods of taking care of the animals also available on the internet. Make use of them and ensure you’re well aware of everything or rather nearly everything the business entails. Reviews or tutorials from successful pet store owners will also prove useful as they are already experts in the field and will most likely give you the realest information you’ll get concerning the business. Ask questions too. Also, you can visit veterinary doctor and ask questions regarding the animal you’re about to start the business with and the possible complications such animal could have and more questions like that.

By the time the research phase is completed, entrepreneurs will be ready and prepared for the work ahead.


As you might as well know, there are quite a number of animals used as pets not only in Nigeria but also around the world. Select an animal which you’ll breed in your pet store. When selecting, use information gotten from your research to determine the one that best suits your condition, location, capital and also capabilities. Some animals require extra levels of care while others don’t. And also at this stage, you’ll decide the specie of the animals you’re taking. If you’re dealing with dogs, there are a few well known species of dogs available, so you can choose to select one that works for you or also take two or more depending on what you have as capital. The same goes for cats too and other pets. They have several species and you might have to select one. It is important to also note that some animals are natural enemies to each other so try as much as possible to not keep such animals together in the same place.


Capital is very important to everything you’ll be doing in the business. At this stage, a budget is created for all the things to be needed and the capital is sorted afterwards. The amount of capital available determines the capacity of the business and the kind of animals you’ll get. The capital covers the cost of things like location, feeding and equipments. Housing is very important to the animals regardless of whichever one you select. There are specific ways in which houses of some pets are supposed to be built. While some need small cages, others need big cages. Also, it’s important that they are well spaced and they’re put under the best possible conditions.


Here, the feeding of the animals is put into consideration and the things they have to eat are gotten. During your research, you can ask the veterinary doctor about the best kind of food materials for the animal selected and how best to care for the animal. Other equipments for the proper running of the pet breeding store are also gotten at this stage.


In recent times, social media has been used to promote businesses and it is one of the effective methods that can be applied to this kind of business. Set up a social media presence for your business and from there post pictures of the pets and advertise the business to the general public. You might also need to get a banner or flyers for the pet store and have them distributed to people. Referrals and word of mouth also prove useful for marketing the business.

A pet breeding business typically has a well known market as people are always willing to keep certain animals in their homes for different reasons. Selecting the right animals, locating the business in a good place and then properly marketing it will make sure that your hard work doesn’t go to waste and also look to bring you profit.

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