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Patty Obasi songs, Lyrics, and Albums

Full Name of Artiste: Late Rev. Patrick Obasi

Date of Birth: May 15, 1951 – October 16, 2012.

Nationality: Enugu, Nigeria (Mmaku, Awgu, Enugu State Southeastern Part of Nigeria)

Occupation: Music Performer; Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist,

Marital Status: Married

Have you ever asked a question how Christians in Nigeria worshipped God during the war? Have you asked the kind of gospel songs recorded during and after the civil war in Nigeria? Who were the music ministers? What kind of genre of gospel songs did they listen to at that time? As at then, they were addressed to as gospel performers. Reverend Patrick Obasi, popularly known as Patty Obasi was an astute music performer that graced the Nigeria gospel music industry in the Southeastern part of Nigeria with his urbanized records. This is because the Igbos related more with his records as most of his songs were recorded in the Igbo language, with some indigenous feel and local dialect taste. He was one of the pioneers of native gospel songs in Nigeria, who accompanied his performances with his guitar.

Patrick (Patty) Obasi was born in a small village in the eastern part of Nigeria called Mmaku in Enugu State, where he started his ministerial mission as a gospel music performer. He recorded more than fifteen (15) albums from 1980 – 2003 and his debut record is “Bianu k’anyi Kele Jehova,” which means, “Come, Let Us Thank The Lord.”

These are few of his records (albums):

  • Bianu K’anyi Kele Jehova
  • Onye Isi Agha
  • Nwa Mama Iwota
  • Okara Akapa
  • Billionaire in a Crate
  • Walking with Jesus
  • Ezi Nwayi Di Ukor
  • Ubanase

Patti Obasi was a Pastor who ministered in different church programs and events through music. His music was special as he actually imparted so many lives with his unique records. He was an orator, who told stories behind every song. His songs encourages, lifts up the human spirts and imparts your soul even as of today. One of his single records, which resonates in the hearts of every easterners in Nigeria, is the popular “Onaputawo m n’ala apiti,” which means, “He Has delivered me from the miry clay, and this is coined from Psalm 40:2. In addition, he released another record in line with a story in the Bible regarding virtuous women, “Ezi Nwayi Di Uko,” Which means “A Good Woman or a Virtuous woman is rare and more expensive than rubies.”

As they say, “death is an inevitable event in a man’s life.” This was the case of Late Rev. Patrick Obasi, who died on 12 October 2012 at his residence after a protracted kidney failure. Different agencies and organizations celebrated his life well spent and the impart he made in the lives of many. His life on earth was too short as he passed unto glory at the age of 67years.

Patty Obasi is dead, but his music still lives on in hearts on many eastern Nigerians.


Adieu, Papa Obasi!



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