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Bethel Music Ministers

Full Name of Artiste: Bethel Music Ministers

Nationality: Different Nationalities

Occupation: Music Minsters; Singers, Songwriters


What is Bethel?

Bethel is an ancient city of central Palestine, situated at the north side of Jerusalem. It was originally called LUZ, and in modern times Baytin, which is a small village in Jordan. Bethel is significant in the old Testament Bible and very important in today’ Christianity, because it is where Abraham pitched his Tent, in that way is it referred to as the ‘House of God’; the sacred place of worship.

Why did this group of gospel singers choose Bethel as the name of their group?

We needed to discuss in details the toponym of ‘Bethel’ so we can understand why this group of anointed gospel music ministers chose the name ‘Bethel’. It is simply a place (house) of worship.

What is Bethel Music?

Bethel Music is a collection of inspiring praise & worship songs sung in Bethel Church in Redding, California. Bethel Music was founded at the charismatic Bethel Church in California under the ministry of Bill Johnson. Bill Johnson’s ministry is a vast ministry that span across different spectrum of church ministry. This includes music, publishing house and music label. It is a home for gospel singers and music lovers. Bethel Music has produced one of the renowned gospel singing groups, artistes and amazing songwriters like Brian & Jenn Johnson, Jeremy Riddle, Steffany Gretzinger, William Matthews, and many others. These artistes formed a community of worshippers, musicians, singers, and writers whose main interest and desire is to seek the presence of the Almighty God. Most of their songs are livestream ministrations, which display the reality of the presence of God.

The main drive of Bethel Music is to be a steward of the songs created, produced and released at Bethel Church; thereby making it a resource available to the rest world. This has helped many churches and gospel groups to worship in their local assemblies. Moreover, some of these songs have been remixed and sang in different languages.

Bethel Church has thousands of worshippers who listen to Bethel Music during the weekly worship service, together with more than 400,000 online subscribers who listen to their songs on daily basics. The other online services offered by the Bethel Church include first of its kind SCHOOL OF WORSHIP (this includes training programs, worship leader programs, song writing, sound engineering, song production). The Bethel Music grew from being a local church music ministry to becoming a full-grown record label and publishing company, introducing songwriters and worship leaders from around the world.


List of hit records/Albums by Bethel Music songwriters/Artistes:

S/N Song Title Artiste (Bethel Music)
1 The Father’s House – Single Cory Asbury
2 Faultiness Vol. I & II – Albums Kalley
3 Alabaster Heart – Single Kalley
4 The Way Home – Album Paul & Hannah McClure (The McClures)
5 Let The Redeemed – Single Josh Baldwin
6 This is A Move – Single Brandon Lake
7 Still – Single Amanda Lindsey Cook
8 House On A Hill – Album Amanda Lindsey Cook
9 Bethel Music en Española  – Album Bethel Music
10 Victory  – Album Bethel Music
11 Wild – Album Sean Feucht
12 Stand In Your Love – Single Josh Baldwin
13 Living Hope – Single Bethany Wohrle
14 Bright Ones – Album Bethel Music
15 Blackout – Album Steffany Gretzinger
16 Reckless Love – Album Cory Asbury
17 More – Single Jeremy Riddle
18 Where His Light Was – Album Kristene DiMarco
19 The War is Over – Album Josh Baldwin
20 Starlight – Album Bethel Music
21 After All These Years – Album Brian & Jenn Johnson
22 Beautiful Surrender – Album Jonathan David & Melissa Helser
23 Invisible – Album Leeland
24 Have It All – Album Bethel Music
25 Bethel Music Kids: Come Alive – Album Bethe Music Kids
26 Brave New World – Album Amanda Lindsey Cook
27 Without Words: Synesthesia – Album Bethel Music
28 We Will Not Be Shaken – Album Bethel Music
29 You Make Me Brave – Album Bethel Music
30 On The Shore – Album Jonathan David & Melissa Helser
31 The Undoing – Album Steffany Gretszinger
32 Swan Song – Album Hunter Thompson
33 Tides [Live] – Album Bethel Music
34 Discover – Album Bethel Music
35 Tides [Studio] – Album Bethel Music
36 Without Words – Album Bethel Music
37 For The Sake of The World – Album Bethel Music
38 The Loft Sessions – Album Bethel Music
39 Be Lifted High – Album Bethel Music
40 Love Came Down – Album Bethel Music
41 Here Is Love – Album Bethel Music
42 All I Have Needed – Album Leah Valenzuela
43 We Believe – Album Brian & Jenn Johnson
44 Undone – Album Brian Jenn Johnson
45 It Is Well[Radio Mix] – Single Kristene DiMarco
46 Bethel Music Kids: Christmas Party – Album Bethel Music Kids


Awards and achievements

  • The most played contemporary worship music in American churches in 2019
  • Reached the Billboard 200 multiple times
  • Have many songs with tens of millions of views on YouTube, and two with over 100 million views as 2019
  • Brian Johnson and Jeremy Riddle were nominated for Song of the Year at the 44th Annual GMA Dove Awards for “One Thing Remains”. In addition, at the Dove Awards’ Nashville ceremony in October 2013, Brian & Jenn Johnson sang One Thing Remains alongside Kristian Stanfill and the Passion Band
  • Amanda Cook was recognized at the 2014 GMA Canada Covenant Awards, named as Female Vocalist of the Year, and winning Song of the Year for, “You Make Me Brave”
  • In March 2015, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) gave top honors to Jeremy Riddle’s “This is Amazing Grace” as their Song of the Year
  • At the 2016 GMA Dove Awards, members from the Bethel Music Collective were nominated for ten Dove Awards. Of the ten nominations, they won four: Brave New World, by Amanda Cook, won Inspirational Album of the Year; Come Alive, by Bethel Music Kids, won Children’s Album of the Year; “No Longer Slaves”, by Jonathan David and Melissa Helser, won Worship Song of the Year; and Without Words: Synesthesia won Instrumental Album of the Year.

Bethel Music has expanded its artist collections, expanding their group to locally based gospel artist across the United States. Some of the new artists include Josh Baldwin, Jonathan and Melissa Helser. Later in 2015, Cory Asbury became a full member of the group. In September 2015, Leeland joined the group together with Sean Feucht who joined the group in November 2015. Other members like William is no longer a member of the Bethel Music group.


In all, Bethel Music has set the standard of what a worship song should be in songwriting, production, release and its ministration. They are a force to recon with in music production and song writing.


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